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Keurig package design examples from different views.

Brewing Success: Inside the Art of Package Design for a Coffee Creation


Gas Station Coffee broke into the coffee market with a bold positioning that echoed the buzz of a fuel stop in the 1950’s. This product creation was searching for a packaging solution that could mirror its vibrant brand identity. Enter a unique resealable packaging design that captures the eye with its high-contrast, vivid color scheme and ensures the marketing story stays as fresh as the coffee itself. The characteristics of this brand identity challenges the traditional bland cappuccino cup market and does so with a visual flair that unmistakably belongs to Gas Station Coffee. The design speaks volumes to the audience—reliability, innovation, and a hint of retro-futurism that perfectly complements the gas station atmosphere.

With a cohesive visual strategy that carries through from pump to cup, Gas Station Coffee has awakened the sleepiest marketing methods and proved, once again, that packaging can often be the best part of the product.


• Logo Development

• Package Design

Print Coordination

• Marketing Materials


Ground Coffee Bag Product Design Example
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  • Chad is adept at taking a business owner's convictions and transforming those ideas into a complete brand concept. He is fast and responsive. I plan to work with him on my next project.

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    Dr. Sam Dahr, MD Ophthalmology
    Dr. Sam Dahr, MD Ophthalmology CEO Gas Station Coffee
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