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The Nemaha Enviro website redesign was a collaboration to take a cutting edge service provider’s vision and put them at the forefront of the world wide web. An early goal was to construct a fully responsive website to fully adapt to any digital device. Responsive capabilities are a great reason to rebuild any website. But it’s not always the sole reason I’ve rebuilt so many websites, there too is usually a strong effort to outshine the competition. But experience has shown that the most important key to a successful website overhaul is a well coordinated plan thus charting a good website map to begin. Following content development for the new framework, advancing design methods coupled with custom functionality came together nicely to produce scrolling pages wrapped in custom movement and an adaptive DNA.  A vast amount of search engine optimizations were adapted to this site as the content came together. In the end a proper remix of form and functionalty served up a swift and easy to navigate website.

Recently launching in 2020 this website has already seen a massive increase in traffick flow. If you’d like to learn more about redesigning your website to meet it’s maximum marketing capability, please send me an email today!


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