Chad Rogez Design was contracted to help a first time event take flight. The director of Edmond Mobile Meals had called to inquire about developing a logo for their new event. . This event differed somewhat from those previously produced in the past. What Mobile Meals wanted to do was put together a Music Festival to develop revenue to uphold operations. The name of this festival would be “Bites, Brews and Blues.”

Edmond Mobile Meals has been a great impact on the Edmond Community. They provide hot, nourishing meals to the elderly and disabled persons, who are unable to prepare meals for themselves. So given this opportunity I wanted to help them as much as possible. Upon brainstorming concepts for this event logo, I noticed that this particular event title was often used. My event-marketing proposal to Edmond Mobile Meals was to structure a list of potential names to select from before proceeding to market this event. Particularly one that would stand out from the crowd. Most of our nation’s music festivals that have seen a tremendous amount of success, will apply originality in their naming conventions. For example: Burning Man • Coachella • Bonnaroo • Lollapalooza and SXSW just to name a few. They agreed and so I compiled a list of names. All those involved on the committee weighed in with their choices. After a spirited selection process the birth of “EDfest” came to exist.

A couple of things transpired from that process: 

1. We moved away from the lengthy title ”Bites, Brews and Blues” trading that title for a name “Edfest”. This had much more promise to be hash tagged and socially shared. #edfest. This singular name for a title follows the entertainment industry trends

2. The decision was also made to drop the word “Blues” from the subtitle and migrate to “Music”. The demographic for those that choose to attend a blues festival versus a music festival is demographically exponential.

From that point I was able to dabble in the design of the event logo. Three conceptual logo’s were produced and presented to the client. Through a process of feedback from everyone on the board at Mobile Meals a fourth logo was developed. This one with more of a country western genre to it. Upon a spirited process of selection. Ultimately, they chose the logo in use, and so began the campaign creation.


Following the logo construction, I developed a group of components for branding this event. I selected the orange and yellow hues due to their ability to compliment the logo and flow with the fall colors of October. This poster design would set the tone for the following campaign to come. The first version of this poster did not contain a list of all the sponsors. But, through the aide of a well-designed sponsor packet, a great deal of corporate sponsorships came flooding in.

The next phase of the event marketing plan was to develop an event website. Most incoming traffic would likely flow from social networks such as Facebook. So, a responsive site would be a necessary tool. Responsive websites are flexible in that they view differently from mobile devices to tablets to desktops. A responsive website detects screen resolutions and provides that content in the most suitable format. Finally, the domain was established and the site had sprung to life.


This event first launched October of 2013. The third Annual Edfest experienced another great year of growth. The revenue that this event has generated has been far beyond anyone’s expectations. This enabled Mobile Meals to continue with their awesome community efforts to feed those unable to provide for themselves.

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