What Makes a Good Logo Design

Great logo designs generate lasting impressions and lasting impressions generate an emotional connection to your brand within the mind of those who view it. A moment that really drove this point home for me happened when my now 15 year old, was a toddler. We were driving along as she pointed to those golden arches and […]

A Run to Remember

In future blog posts my content will mostly focus on the fields of logo design, advertising and graphic design. But today I want to share a personal journey I have been on these last 4 months. This last Sunday I ran in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. It was an experience that I will never […]

The Design Brief

How can you get the perfect design?  What is the most essential phase of the design process? How will you get exactly what you want from a graphic designer? The Answer? A detailed design brief. Creative briefs prevent designers from spending wasted time going in the wrong direction. In an effort to get a project […]


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