If you have an invention or a product idea that you feel certain to be a money making machine, how in the world can you protect it in the process of moving it to market? What if your new idea is so golden & great that you’re afraid that anyone who learns about it will steal it and build it as their own? As a freelance graphic designer, I have been asked to sign an NDA quite a few times. If you have a great idea and you are afraid to share it with someone, a Non-Disclosure Agreement will be your safeguard in moving forward. Many design agencies and professionals will offer this service. Some will not though. An agreement to provide marketing assistance with limitations may block a design firm from providing further advertising services in that particular market.

Non-Disclosure Agreements Protect Your Ideas

If you perform some searches for NDA’s on the web you will find many general contracts. It is very important though that you customize and specify the information you want to be held private. It’s not good to be too general. Keep in mind that if you ask a branding specialist to sign an NDA that may potentially prevent them from seeking service from corporations that practice within that particular field and that of course would be a “No-Sign” NDA. So make certain that your unique concept has been researched and that your NDA is specific otherwise you may find it difficult to persuade a designer or agency to sign that binding contract.

  • Clearly state what matters are confidential. This would be information they would not have access to through any other means except you the client.
  • Be concise about what isn’t confidential. This need may not apply but clarity is what ensures a designers safety as well as your safety.
  • Be specific about exactly what the NDA outlines. Include specifics such as whom they can and cannot speak with, what he or she can do with the information you provide and so on.

Last but not least – The length of time this NDA is to be in place. As a general rule of thumb I would advise against signing an NDA with indefinite terms to any creative services provider. Remember an NDA is meant to protect an idea until it hit’s market. If an idea or a concept is able to be copyrighted and or trademarked that process can take place within the process of development. A corporate logo mark cannot be trademarked until once it has been conceived.

I hope this helps! For further information feel free to contact me. Email:hello@chadrogezdesign.com

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