Hello I am a freelance graphic designer located in Oklahoma City.

My name is Chad and I am passionate about the strategy of advertising through design. I’ve completed well over 6000 projects, collaborated with hundreds of customers, and teamed up with some of OKC’s best marketing experts. With each project, I’ve honed my skills to deliver creative campaigns that don’t just get attention, but drive revenues as well.

Over the last two decades, I’ve teamed up with many ad agencies, public relations firms, and marketing consultants on a vast variety of projects. I value collaborating with entrepreneurs and other marketing experts to expand my knowledge and learn new avenues for growth. Within that mindset, I’ve grown to understand many views of success through advertising strategies. This keeps me passionate about what I do.

The Short and Personal Bio: I was born in Purcell, Oklahoma and grew up in Seminole, Oklahoma. Oklahoma City has been my home base now for the last two decades. I enjoy statistical data, factual documentaries, science and design in all formats. I am an open-minded thinker and always gravitate towards a great creative challenge.





  • I've been working with Chad for a few years now and he's an exceptional designer. He understands the branding process and supports his creative and designs based on sound strategy. He collaborates well and has always achieved a solid end result.

  • "I've really enjoyed working with Chad. When I need someone to collaborate with and take a detailed, thoughtful approach, he's my go-to art director that I can count on to understand the complex nuances of our business goals and creative requirements. He provides thoughtful design solutions, and options to consider, based on industry conventions, and is able to envision out-of-the-box ideas. And for those times when I need someone who can deal with the problems faced in most corporate environment: little time, limited direction - he's responsive, professional, and he provides a solution that's well-executed. Chad is a versatile designer that can always be counted on."

    Peter Wyro, Founder & CEO
    Peter Wyro, Founder & CEO Cherry - Inbound Marketing Agency
  • “I have worked with Chad on countless projects over the past ten years. Chad researches projects and always invests much time, effort and thought in creative projects. He always makes sure the pieces he produces meet our needs and is very open to input and direction. He takes the time to thoroughly understand a project before he begins to ensure he gets it right the first time. ”

    Stephen Lark
    Stephen Lark Vice President Marketing, Communication Federal Credit Union
  • “It was great to discover Chad. Before you can become a large, successful company you must look and have that appearance that you already are one. Working with Chad I have far exceeded the goals that our company had in the beginning. I highly recommend him to anyone ”

    James Howell, Owner
    James Howell, Owner Attic Conversions
  • "After working with Chad on one project last year, he is now the only graphic designer I will use. His design work is by far the best I have seen. He always creates the most beautiful pieces for me, often with me providing very little instruction or insight into what I want. I love that he can turn my very vague idea into something amazing. I am NEVER disappointed. In fact, I am always impressed. Not only is he extremely talented, but he provides very fast turn around on all of his projects. He understands the importance of getting projects completed in a very timely manner and that is much appreciated. I have recommended him to many other professionals and will continue to do so"

    Jennifer Pape, Marketing Director
    Jennifer Pape, Marketing Director Oak Tree Country Club
  • “Our company recently contracted with Chad to create a new logo and design a tradeshow booth. To be used for home shows and State Fair presentations. Actually, we only gave him a few days to create what we needed and he delivered "big time". Our new logo is awesome and so is the artwork for the display area of our booth. His work is not only extremely reasonable, but he delivers the quality that you would expect to see with a national Graphic Designer. If you want quality work, at extremely reasonable prices, I would recommend Chad for the job. ”

    Larry Osterman, Owner
    Larry Osterman, Owner Be Your Own Builder

 So just how do you pronounce that name?

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