Who are you? How does anyone know? Your brand is the face you show to the world, consistently, at every point they encounter your business. A logo that people can connect with is just a start. The foundation of your brand is your unique self, and it’s built with a visual system of components — like color, consistency, typography, and more — that work in tandem to tell your authentic story and separate you from the crowd.


Creative Print Design

The art of modern graphic design is rooted in printed goods. Even in today’s digital age, there’s still something very special about holding a beautifully foiled invitation in your hand, or flipping through a stunning brochure at your leisure. Whether it be a billboard, a business card, or a breathtaking system of collateral materials, creative print design plays a critical role in your advertising strategy. Let me create a piece that will work harder for you than you ever thought possible.


Web Design

A brilliant website is a well-refined mixture of art and function. When that mixture works, it drives traffic, revenues, and brand loyalty, and customers connect with you like never before. I believe that your website should be as fully functional and as impactful on your desktop as it is on your smartphone or tablet, and I build that responsiveness into every website I develop.


Today’s marketing efforts no longer rely solely on a simple set of rules in which every other agency follows. Digital is the new domain. This new frontier has made it easier than ever for a business to take its place in their prospective market. Smartphones and social media have opened the doors to capture the attention of any given audience in a multitude of clever ways. It is vital for a business marketing plan to include email marketing, SEO, social media, website development and a strategic use of all mediums. Yet not to rule out traditional methods such as printed brochures, mail campaigns, billboards or trade show marketing.

Positioning a brand not to miss an open door is a creative endeavor that should involve business solutions that do not miss the mark. That distinctive creativity is what separates Chad Rogez Design from other firms.


  • Chad is adept at taking a business owner's convictions and transforming those ideas into a complete brand concept. He is fast and responsive. I plan to work with him on my next project.

    Dr. Sam Dahr, MD Ophthalmology
    Dr. Sam Dahr, MD Ophthalmology CEO Gas Station Coffee
  • Chad Rogez Design provides an exceptional, client-based service. Chad's expertise in all areas of digital creating and marketing has been fundamental to the early success of my company. Chad's customer service experience is unmatched!

    Dester Brown
    Dester Brown CEO of Cubic Waste Solutions
  • Chad has become a trusted business partner throughout the years and has delivered excellent results for us. In addition to being a talented designer, we find his business acumen and technical savvy surpasses most in this category.

    Frank Franzese
    Frank Franzese Owner of Frank Franzese & Company
  • We have used Chad Rogez Design since our inception. He is the very best both in his excellent web design, graphics, creativity, solutions to problems, and hard work to meet deadlines. We have such high regard and respect for Chad and his talent and are grateful for his expertise.

    Susan Stewart
    Susan Stewart Co-Owner, Heroes in Waiting
  • Chad has been a wonderful partner of our business for nearly a decade now. He has partnered with us to produce several iterations of business art including Logos, Business Cards, Product Labels, Graphic Art, and even designed our website on the platform of our choice WIX. Beyond that, Chad is just a great person that genuinely cares for the people he works with. He has been indispensable to us, and if Google would let us give him 6 stars, we'd give him 10.

    Vonnetta Allenbaugh
    Vonnetta Allenbaugh Owner, Blind Luck Winery
  • I've been working with Chad for a few years now and he's an exceptional designer. He understands the branding process and supports his creative and designs based on sound strategy. He collaborates well and has always achieved a solid end result.

  • "I've really enjoyed working with Chad. When I need someone to collaborate with and take a detailed, thoughtful approach, he's my go-to art director that I can count on to understand the complex nuances of our business goals and creative requirements. He provides thoughtful design solutions, and options to consider, based on industry conventions, and is able to envision out-of-the-box ideas. And for those times when I need someone who can deal with the problems faced in most corporate environment: little time, limited direction - he's responsive, professional, and he provides a solution that's well-executed. Chad is a versatile designer that can always be counted on."

    Peter Wyro, Founder & CEO
    Peter Wyro, Founder & CEO Cherry - Inbound Marketing Agency
  • "After working with Chad on one project last year, he is now the only graphic designer I will use. His design work is by far the best I have seen. He always creates the most beautiful pieces for me, often with me providing very little instruction or insight into what I want. I love that he can turn my very vague idea into something amazing. I am NEVER disappointed. In fact, I am always impressed. Not only is he extremely talented, but he provides very fast turn around on all of his projects. He understands the importance of getting projects completed in a very timely manner and that is much appreciated. I have recommended him to many other professionals and will continue to do so"

    Jennifer Pape, Marketing Director
    Jennifer Pape, Marketing Director Oak Tree Country Club
  • “It was great to discover Chad. Before you can become a large, successful company you must look and have that appearance that you already are one. Working with Chad I have far exceeded the goals that our company had in the beginning. I highly recommend him to anyone ”

    James Howell, Owner
    James Howell, Owner Attic Conversions
  • “I have worked with Chad on countless projects over the past ten years. Chad researches projects and always invests much time, effort and thought in creative projects. He always makes sure the pieces he produces meet our needs and is very open to input and direction. He takes the time to thoroughly understand a project before he begins to ensure he gets it right the first time. ”

    Stephen Lark
    Stephen Lark Vice President Marketing, Communication Federal Credit Union

 So just how do you pronounce that name?

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